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Indraprasth eye tech-eye clinic is equipped with the following facilities:-

» Comprehensive eye check up
Having a comprehensive eye exam each year is the best way to enjoy good vision throughout your life. Many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms. As a result, individuals are often unaware that problems exist. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems are important for maintaining good vision and eye health, and when possible, preventing vision loss.

» Retina Check up for diabetes and age

» Screening for diabetic retinopathy and lasers for its treatment.

» Cataract surgery by phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation.

» Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment.

» Fundus fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography for retinal diseases.

» Anti –VEGF injections in the eye.

» Screening and treatment of retinopathy of prematurity in newborn preterm infants.